The Evolution Of Data Storage 2018 (INFOGRAPHIC)

Data capacity has always been big problem since first computers and device were invented. Today we are used to have much larger storage capacities in our personal computers. People have hundreds of gigabytes. This was only science fiction several decades ago. We as humans were always trying to find methods to save information and data. Computers were getting more advanced and better and technology demanded increase of storage data too. Capacity has been enlarged and evolved so much, from first models of large trunks with just few kilobytes of storage information, and now to microchips that can hold many gigabytes of data. Did you knew that first hard disk that had capacity of one gigabyte was big as refrigerator, and this was 25 years ago. People take today’s capacities for granted, so it’s good to look back in past and get things in better perspective to see how it all started.

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The Evolution Of Data Storage - Infographic