There is that one console that practically made a revolution when it comes to handheld industry of video games. It is Game Boy from Nintendo. It was a time before gaming on smartphones, but Game Boy transformed gaming into truly portable. The Nintendo company is in the industry for about 30 years. In 1989, Nintendo in Japan has presented its handheld system. It changed the way we look at video games, but also to portable gadgets.

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The Evolution Of Nintendo Game Boy - Infographic


Interesting facts:

  • The first handheld console actually arrived 10 years earlier, and it was made by company Microvision. With each device there was cartridge with its processor and memory.
  • At the same time Nintendo introduced Game Boy, there were consoles with more powerful hardware and graphics in color, but Nintendo was cheaper hardware allow up to 30 hours of play on 4 AA batteries. In the case of the Wii console we can see that it is not all about looks and the latest hardware.
  • After its launch on April 21, Nintendo was sold the first 300,000 units of the console in 2 weeks.
  • Tetris was one of the key titles that used the Game Link cable to connect two consoles. Optional adapters allowed the connection of four players. This is the best-selling game. Sold at 30.26 million units.
  • Game Boy in 1993 also flew in space. Russian cosmonaut Alexander Serebov was relaxing on MIR space station by playing games and console was later sold at auction for $ 1,220.
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So what is your favorite console from Nintendo?