Tissot’s pieces have improved over time, and the brand has grown into many different collections. The Tissot T-touch line includes a wide range of watch faces, and with so many different designs and features, you will find a timepiece that fits your preferences. Below in this article, we will cover The Tissot Touch Collection Is Still A Collector’s Favorite.

The Tissot Touch Collection Is Still A Collector’s Favorite
The Tissot Touch Collection Is Still A Collector’s Favorite

The Tissot Touch collection is one of the world’s most famous luxury timepieces, featuring watches that are fashionable, sophisticated, and one-of-a-kind. Many people associate watches with work, while others associate watches with leisure, but the Tissot Touch range is unique. This watch has many features that distinguish it from others, including a calendar, scratch-resistant screen, light-weight metallic materials, and numerous useful functions. Would you like to get one? Here are a few Tissot Touch collections that any collector would be proud to wear on their wrist.

Tissot Touch Collections

1. T-Touch Connect Solar Men’s Watch Ref T121.420.47.051.03

In 1999, Tissot released the first T-Touch watch, and this piece has been present for over 20 years. The T-Touch Connect Solar is a descendant of the first multifunction tactile watch in history, and it embodies the Tissot philosophy innovators by tradition.

Tissot’s iconic T-Touch range is driven by energy sources of the Expert Solar and Connect Solar. Light is captured by tiny solar sensors on the watch dial and placed in an accumulator and the energy required to operate the quartz is usually provided by a battery, but in this case, the energy is provided by natural or artificial light.

Timing, navigation, and weather updates are all T-Touch features, but the all-new Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar adds something new: connected functions like an activity tracker. The connection between the watch and your smartphone enables this extension of compatibility – iOS, Android, and Harmony operating systems are all supported.

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The Connect Solar includes app alerts and updates besides the basic T-Touch functions, you can read your new WhatsApp message or see your Facebook notifications. When anyone calls your phone, the monitor displays the caller’s name and you can either silence the watch or cancel the call from your watch.

The first Tissot T-Touch models used batteries, while Solar power has been used in more recent models. The Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar uses the latter energy source, which means you won’t have to think about replacing the battery.

A charger is included in the T-Touch Connect Solar packaging in case you need it. Most of the T-Touch Connect Solar’s features are available even when the watch is not connected to the phone which is a delightful bonus.

2. T-Touch Collection Quartz Black Dial Men’s Watch Ref T121.420.44.051.00

T-Touch Quartz Black Dial Men’s Watch, a Tissot timepiece born for the racetrack, is beautifully built to achieve perfection. This Tissot, which includes a compass, thermometer, altitude indicator, and barometer, will undoubtedly be a welcome addition to your watch collection. The timepiece is highly resistant, accurate, and precise timekeeping in even the harshest conditions, thanks to its aesthetic design made of titanium. The titanium bracelet, in the end, is what completes this masterpiece, adding to its charm and timeless appeal.

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The solar quartz movement is used in this Swiss-made smartwatch from the Touch series. ETA E32.001 power reserve of 6 months in connected status via Bluetooth and the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar App compatible with iOS, Android, and Harmony OS, which displays the hour, minute, second, date, and day, as well as incoming calls and updates.

Compass, barometer, temperature, altimeter, second time zone display, stop and alarm functions are all included. Hypoallergenic, antimagnetic titanium case with black dial and black ceramic bezel with Super-LumiNova.

Tissot Solar Technology

In 2014, Tissot released the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar, a solar watch with a rechargeable battery. Since the touchscreen function required a significant amount of energy, combining the tactile functionality with solar power necessitated additional testing and growth. The T-Touch set, like tactile technology, is the only one that provides solar power. The light rays on the dial enable the watch to be recharged and provide vital functions for daily use.

Tactile watches were invented by Tissot, and the T-Touch series is the epitome of the style. With the addition of solar-powered technology, you’ll have a watch unlike any other. For those who spend most of their time outside, a touch screen watch operated solely by light is ideal.

Collectors’ Perspectives

The number of watchmakers who have built empires out of small workshops is extremely small. Tissot is one of these brands that has consistently delivered high-quality watches to the consumer. The materials, movements, and technology are all of the highest quality, as one might expect from a Swiss watchmaker.

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Both sporty and modern to elegant and stylish, Tissot ladies’ and men’s watches are visually versatile, expertly made, and impress with a plethora of practical functions. Tissot’s high-quality Swiss watches are fascinatingly creative.

According to some reports, Tissot now exports over 4 million watches worldwide and has a presence in nearly 160 countries. The company’s slogan, “Innovators by Tradition,” would undoubtedly inspire more ground-breaking inventions. This Tissot watch review would be incomplete if it didn’t have a peek at Tissot’s extensive watch range. Following are the five most important wristwear categories: Touch, Classic, Sport, Heritage, and Gold.

It’s no surprise that Tissot watches are still highly respected by watch collectors. Many luxury brands rarely devote too much time and resources to delivering something outstanding, believing that their reputation is sufficient to generate adequate sales. As a result, many collectors admired Tissot in this regard.


Regardless of how many classic watches we have around the world, Tissot is unquestionably one of the best options for watch collectors. It still offers fashion, sophistication, and elegance, no matter how they choose to wear it. It’s no surprise that Tissot has a loyal following and is still in high demand among branded watches.

We believe this Tissot watch review has persuaded you that Tissot is not only a good but an outstanding wristwatch brand that offers luxury timepieces at reasonable prices.

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