This is extremely irritating when you get an error or a message such as “This Duplicate of Windows isn’t certified” on Windows 7, this is on the grounds that it is possible that you are not running honest or a certified Windows copy. Rather you are running a duplicate of Windows or your permit got terminated, there is additionally chance that a Windows refresh can cause this issue, in all these three cases you get an error or a message at the PC startup indicating that Windows isn’t original or it will tell you that you aren’t running a certified version, and furthermore PC display might also change to a dark screen. If you have made many attempts regarding the entering of CD Key over and over again or utilized any product/Fix to hack or crack windows launch yet at the same time you get an error again like Windows 7 not veritable or, this duplicate of windows isn’t bona fide manufacture 7600/7601, at long last you had no fortunes then this instructional exercise is for you.

If it’s not too much trouble take note of this like it is only an instructive instructional exercise for the general population who purchased unique windows and as yet getting this sort of problem or individuals who need to purchase Windows yet are not ready to purchase now at this time.

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We exceedingly prescribe you to purchase authentic, certified, and original Windows pack and don’t get involved in buying and selling of pirated, uncertified, and copied versions.

Steps To Fix ” This copy of Windows is not genuine” Error.

Here are a few simple and easy steps that will work best for you:

Step.1 Just take a leap towards the start menu and make your eyes look for something named cmd.exe. If you are unable to find that don’t worry. Go the search box and type cmd and the top search result will appear as cmd.exe. Now all you have to do is to right click on cmd.exe and there will appear a drop down menu. In the drop down menu there will be an option named RUN as an Administrator. Click on that and you will get a command prompt.

Step.2. After you have clicked that and the command prompt has opened, just type the following command, SLMGR –REARM. It is important to pay special attention to the words, letters, and numbers of the command and that it is placed accordingly and without any mistake. You may also need to check that the command has been processed or accessed through the administrator mode. If you don’t check this than the command prompt won’t work at all.

Step3. After making sure that you have entered the correct command in the command prompt window, click the Enter button of your keyboard. After entering the command will start processing.

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Step4. Once the processing has begun, there will soon appear a confirmation message. The confirmation message will provide you with the details of the command. It will tell you everything about your command so read that with full concentration.

Step5. You have made all the effort and luckily for you all you need to do now is to just restart your computer and hopefully you won’t get the message such as “this copy of windows is not genuine” or “your windows period has expired, buy a new one”.

Another Way to Fix Windows 7 not Genuine Error

Typically windows update setting stays to Programmed download and install new updates, which inducts the latest and hottest security, similarity, performance, and many other numerous updates routinely, Microsoft discharges updates to battle fake working framework establishment and permit keys, such updates may again create the negative outcomes and your authentic and unique item key gets expired and unauthentic so the windows 7 may indicate a not original error. If you are still receiving such messages and your windows is not turning to authentic or original then you need to follow the following easy and quick steps to succeed and enjoy an authentic Windows version.

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The steps are:

  1. First hurry to the Start menu and click the go option. Now find the control panel option and click on it.
  2. Now you will see a windows update option at the end of the page of control panel. Click that option.
  3. Now you will see an option named view installed updates. Click on it to see list of updates that have been installed.
  4.  Find an update KB971033 and uninstall it by double clicking on it.

After that Restart your PC, and you won’t get the not authentic mistake once more, but when your windows will get refreshed and updated then again you will face this issue. Once again the same message will appear warning you that your windows is not genuine. So it is better and recommended to turn off updates.

At last Windows isn’t bona fide or windows 7 not original or uncertified 7600/7601 issue has been settled, you can restart your PC further to check that your duplicate of Windows is actuated now and you will ready to set foundation photo of your decision.

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