Upcoming Official Tournaments of PUBG Mobile
Upcoming Official Tournaments of PUBG Mobile

Huge PUBG MOBILE tournaments in 2021 with a huge prize pool of 14 million USD

Since its release, the Esports of PUBG MOBILE has grown tremendously. Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation are continuously organizing many tournaments with different formats and huge prize pools every year. Currently, they are trying to cover every region in the world. Here we are providing the details about the Upcoming Official Tournaments of PUBG Mobile.

As compared to the PC version, the competitive atmosphere of the mobile version is bigger and much more popular and also has a huge audience. Today, PUBG MOBILE is coming on top of the list of popular competitive mobile games with the continuous increase in the number of participants and active players. The formats of the PUBG MOBILE official tournaments are different every time from the previous tournaments however the prize pool and intensity in the competition are getting BIGGER every year!

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In 2021, PUBG MOBILE Global Esport is going to organize a grand tournament with a huge prize pool of 14,000,000 USD.

Chance for You

If you don’t have enough inventory and if you want to become a streamer or PUBG content creator, or a competitive then to give a classy look to your gameplay, you can buy PUBG Mobile Account for sale from other players.

JAMES YANG (Director of PUBG MOBILE GLOBAL ESPORTS) is explaining everything about the upcoming year’s tournament in this short video.

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To register, see the schedules, and watch the matches of PUBG Mobile Esports, you can visit their official website PUBG Mobile Esports. 

A Golden Chance

A golden chance to become a PUBG legend and the huge prize pool will attract more competitive players to try their luck with their unmatched skills in the PUBG world. The tournaments of PUBG Mobile are going to be a complete journey from an amateur level to a semi-pro level and then finally the competition among the most professional players in the world. Maybe it can be the right time to start your Esports career in PUBG MOBILE considering its huge reward and opportunities.

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Such huge tournaments attract many professional players every year from all around the world. With the increased audience, the organizers also make a huge revenue through these tournaments in the following ways,

  • Tournament fees (most of the tournaments are free to register)
  • Crowd-funding and Support
  • Steaming the tournament games on different streaming platforms 
  • Advertisements 
  • Sponsorship and Partners

Generally, two methods are used to carry out the tournaments, one is online and the other is offline. Currently, due to the global pandemic situation, all the tournaments are going to take place online.

It can be proven as entertainment for casual gamers and can provide an opportunity in Esports for competitive players at the same time.