Wait, hacking & legal in the same place? Well, yeah because we’re talking about ethical hacking here. So, you’ve learned ethical hacking & all but, where to practice your new skills now? You definitely don’t want to do something illegal so, there is actually a way to do it legally. There are several websites that are vulnerable on purpose so, you can practice ethical hacking in a legal way.

Best Vulnerable Websites To Practice Hacking

4. Try2Hack

Try2hack has self-designed security challenges for you to crack. As you keep cracking the challenges, it keeps becoming harder at the next level. For hacking practice, it’s actually a really interesting website.

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3. Game Of Hacks

This one is actually pretty interesting too. They provide you with several vulnerable pieces of code & you need to identify the existing vulnerability in the shortest possible time. It’s quite challenging & interesting at the same time.

2. Root Me

Root Me is a pretty practical challenging platform for practicing your hacking skills. They have 200+ challenges & somewhere around 50 virtual environments for you to crack. It actually has quite a bit of variation on its platform.

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1. bWAPP

This is one of the most attractive options out there & definitely our top choice. It was developed with several vulnerabilities on purpose. It’s more like a complete training platform where you can learn to discover & prevent the loopholes that make sites vulnerable. It’s based on PHP & it uses the MySQL database.

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These were our choices for the best vulnerable websites to practice ethical hacking. There are also other sites for doing the same like Hack This Site, Hellbound Hackers & more. So, if you want to practice your ethical hacking skills, you do have a lot of legal options to choose from. If you have any other queries on the same, please let us know in the comments section below.