Wookie Wizard is a standout amongst the most prominent Add-Ons for KODI accessible on the web. Amid the stage when additional items like Exodus neglect to interface with the server because of downtime, it is Woozie Wizard which takes the substitution and gives stimulation. Nonetheless, of late we have been getting inquiries from clients who guarantee that even Woozie Wizard isn’t working now and again and it ends up hard continuing. We have made sense of that the issue of Wookie Wizard not working can be effortlessly fathomed by following straightforward rules. So let us talk about what those rules are.

Settling Wookie Wizard Not Working [Method #1]

The vast majority of the mistakes which are created in Kodi Add Ons originate from one root. Store! Indeed, it is difficult to accept yet such a basic thing can settle the greater part of the blunders in Kodi. It would be great practice in truth to clear the store frequently. At any rate, let me demonstrate to you how you can clear the reserve and dispose of the Wookie Wizard not working blunder.

  1. Open KODI.
  2. Go to the Wookie Wizard add on.
  3. In the Menu, select Clear Cache.
  4. Once the reserve is cleared, begin the Wookie Wizard once more.
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Explaining Wookie Wizard Not Working [Method #2]

I’m essentially certain that clearing the reserve would work in a large portion of the cases. In any case, for whom it didn’t work, there’s another route around. In any case, this would be a long strategy as we will settle things in transit while reinstalling the Wookie Wizard. So ensure you don’t free concentration and adhere to the means.

  1. Open KODI & go to Settings.
  2. In others, open More Settings.
  3. Select Apps, and then KODI.
  4. Click on Force Stop.
  5. Now select Clear Data & once it is done, click OK.
  6. At this point, data & cache both are cleared.
  7. Now go to Homescreen on KODI.
  8. In System, open File Manager.
  9. Move on to Add Source.
  10. Enter this URL “http://wookiespmc.com/wiz/”& hit Done.
  11. Give a name to the source, probably “Wookie”.
  12. Again in Systems, open Add Ons.
  13. Select Install From ZIP.
  14. From the list, select Wookie.
  15. Once the Add-On is enabled, go to Videos from Kodi Homescreen.
  16. Click on Add Ons, & then Wookie.
  17. There will be different versions of Wookie, select Wookie Lite.
  18. Click in Install.
  19. You’ll get the notification when installation is completed.
  20. Once done, reboot Kodi.
  21. Now start Wookie Wizard.
  22. Enjoy!
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I wager this will most likely begin Wookie Wizard and you’ll have the capacity to utilize it once more. God prohibit, this even this doesn’t tackles the issue, at that point we’re taking a gander at a doomsday. Indeed, old buddy, Wookie Wizard servers are confronting difficult issue. For this situation, whatever you can do is locate a decent option of Wookie Wizard and get over it.

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