As all of us (or at least the majority) have already gone or still are going through the period of high school, we have all faced the literature essay assignments. Even though there are teachers, who try to go out of standards and create some new and interesting tasks, almost all of them still stick to the traditional tasks of writing an essay about any book.

Writing an Essay About Any Book
Writing an Essay About Any Book

Although it may seem to be quite an easy task, especially if you have read the book in the assignment, it, is quite a complicated thing to do. Especially for a beginner student, who you may be if you are in high school. However, if you have trouble with writing, you can always turn to the help of a professional paper writing service and place an order for your assignment. Professional writers there can perform your work for you and, thus, provide you with a high-quality reference for your future writing.

After all, there’s a proven method for writing a successful essay. It is simple to apply this technique. By mastering it, a learner can progress from being a non-writer to an above-average writer. And it is as simple as doing a few steps, and completing paragraphs by counting phrases.

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If you have not been given a specific topic, you will have to spend some time forming one yourself. When reading, try to understand the key features of the text, what the author emphasizes, what does he (or she) wants you to understand from their work. When knowing that, everything becomes much easier.

Use a sticky note and a pencil (or a highlighter) and read the book with them in your hands to highlight any scene, quote or paragraph, related to the topic you have chosen. This is the way you will gain the material to build your essay on. The reason for this is that in every book essay, professors expect you to back up your arguments with evidence gathered from the book itself.


You form the arguments of your essay from the points you have collected in the way, mentioned earlier. By the way, writing out the quotes will help you save some type — if you have done it primarily, you will not have to return to the beginning of the book and search for them all one more time.

Then, when you have them all in front of you, you need to combine related ones, as they will form one whole argument and support each other. You will be forming your body paragraphs at this point, as, according to general essay writing rules, the main body contains the arguments.

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Some professors may argue this point, but it does make writing a lot easier for you. When you have the points, it is logical to create the main body based on the first and form a point of view, rather than providing it in your first introductory paragraph and trying to find the quotes, that will match it then.

To determine the primary idea of your essay (or perhaps the book), go through your quotes and create body paragraphs. You should save the introduction and conclusion (particularly the thesis) until last when you have a clearer concept of what you want to say.


This part is the most tricky one in any type of essay and here it is no exception. When a professor gives you the topic, they do not want you to retell the story one more time — they already know it quite well. They want to see you analyze, think, bring up your new ideas. Students in high school and college spend more time studying themes (big picture concepts from a tale that apply to real-life) and an author’s literary qualities (as in, what kind of techniques are used to accomplish the goal).

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For general essays, the best place to start is with a thesis statement. If the author wants to express anything about life, the world, mankind, or whatever else in a single line, then this is the way to do it in a tale. To write a good thesis statement, you must ask and answer the correct questions (you know, that magical sentence in your introduction that defines your entire essay).


Even though this type of essay is a little bit specific, you have to remember that it is still an essay. Your paper has to follow a 5-paragraph rule (introduction, three body paragraphs explaining three separate points, and conclusion). You are not allowed to use informal speech in this type of essay, either. Do not forget about key structures, as a thesis statement and argument claims that must be supported by bright examples. And, you are ready. Go ahead!