We live in age of reality of customizing things, some call it the Third Industrial Revolution. 3D printing is the new hot thing. This was just a Sci-Fi idea 20 years ago when actors in Star Trek used similar device called Replicator, which was something magical that could create objects out of air by printing nylon, metal, plastic and may other materials. 3D printing is today slowly starting to turn into addiction for many manufactuters that are printing all kinds of things from legal guns, engine parts, car prototypes, or even houses and human organs. First signs of 3D printing technology was back in 1986 year, but it didn’t got enough attention until early 90’s. In that era 3D printing was not very popular technology in world of manufacturing and architecture. The process of printing is basically creating 3D models of any objects you have in your digital form. It’s done by building 3D objects creating layer by layer and shaping it until object is finished.

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3D Printing 101 - Infographic