Apps Lock & Gallery Hider

It’s the Latest & Hi-tech solution for all your privacy worries! With Apps Lock & Gallery Hider your personal images, videos, and lots more can be secured from intruders!Checkout what the world says about us -**Now fully supported on Tablets!**In Gallery Hider Pro you get:♦ Hidden Mode- No Limits.♦ Encryption Mode- Enabled.♦ Apps Locker- Lock unlimited Apps.♦ Private Camera- No Limits♦ Break In Alerts- Enabled♦ In App Ads- No Ads.♦ Delay Prompt- No Delay prompt.♦ All Hi tech features like Voice Lock, Stealth Mode & Double Door Protection enabled in Pro.Here are few user reviews from our fan base on Google Play -18th April, 2013: “Phew! Unbelievable and way ahead. Love Hi-Tech with Voice unlock, Double door and stealth. Really smart Smashing App. Thanks.” from Samsung Galaxy S317th April, 2013: “It is certainly one of the most useful apps. And it does the security thing very nicely too.” from HTC ExplorerWhy Apps Lock & Gallery Hider?♦ Hide your Secret Photos/Videos!♦ Lock your Gallery Access completely. ♦ Lock any App in your Phone, even facebook, twitter & whatsapp!♦ Know who tried to access your data without your permission!♦ Recover your Lost images & videos!♦ Secure your data with double protection!♦ Make the App Icon disappear to all!In short, this app is actually many different apps brought together!**Features**✔ Apps Locker✔ Gallery Hider✔ Different Lock Modes✔ Auto Lock✔ Private Camera✔ Break In Alerts✔ Data Recovery✔ Stealth Mode✔ Double Door Protection★ Apps Locker- Lock your Native & Downloaded apps!★ Gallery Hider-Hide images, videos, & audio with ‘Gallery Hider’ in 2 different modes–1. Hidden – Fast functioning with optimal data protection.2. Encrypted – Supreme Protection with encryption codes.★ Auto Lock- Convenience while using some preferred files & apps! It won’t ask for the password for the set time.★ Lock Modes- These lock modes are a revolutionary attempt & a success towards perfect security!1. PIN Lock-Set a PIN to enter the gallery.2. Pattern Lock-Create a unique pattern to secure your gallery files.3. Voice Lock-For the first time in the history of security apps you can set your own voice as the lock!★ Private Camera- The Images & Videos captured through the Private Camera will automatically be saved in the hidden section of Gallery Hider. You can also access this function directly through a widget.★ Break In Alerts- Your phone will capture the pic of those who try to access your personal data without your permission!★ Data Recovery- Recover your lost images & videos!★ Stealth Mode- Make the app icon invisible! To make it visible dial *#007# or *#007 on your phone & press ‘Call’.★ Double Door Protection- Use more than 1 Lock Mode to get access to your files. Select any 2 of the 3 lock modes, & your gallery is doubly protected!★ Get 5 different apps in one with battery consumption & cost of just 1 app! Get it now to experience Protection with Perfection!“Please don’t leave negative remarks on this page. If you are not satisfied with our app, mail your reviews & suggestions to support@migital.comTags : Photo Lock, Image Lock, Video Lock, Gallery Lock, Folder Lock, Apps Lock, SMS Lock, Email Lock, Contact Lock, Call Logs Lock, Facebook Lock, Hide Photo, Hide Video, Hide Gallery, Hide Folder, Hide Apps, Hide SMS, Hide Email, Hide Contact, Hide Call Logs, Secure, Security, Safe, Protect, Smart Guard, Hide, Anti virus, Backup, Gallery, Smart Gallery, Lock, Hot, Sexy, Porn, Migital
Free Apps Lock & Gallery Hider 1.13 APK Download 2018
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